Thursday, June 28, 2007

Presidential debate on Univisión?

Via Latina Lista: Univisión has been trying to lure the presidential candidates for a debate. Only Richardson and Dodd accepted, though Kucinich and Gravel might come after being assured that they could answer in English. The questions would be in Spanish, and presumably then translated.

I can’t imagine any Republicans attending, unless they wanted to hear how "English only" is translated into Spanish. The more prominent Democratic candidates may have similar reasons to avoid it—they want to court Latino voters, but quietly, so that non-Latinos won’t notice too much.

I also wondered, would it be mediated by Don Francisco? [on a side note, one Chilean told me he was convinced that if Don Francisco ran, he would win the next presidential election in Chile].


Miguel Centellas 5:43 PM  

That sounds awesome. I hope they do it.

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