Saturday, February 06, 2016

LGBTQ Rights in Latin America

A student (and political science major) from last semester's Latin American Politics class, Mackenzie Hardin, has an op-ed on LGBTQ rights in Latin America Goes Global's student section. It's a very cool part of the site that gives students some voice. I had all my students write an op-ed, and chose a couple that I thought were really worth submitting for consideration.

Equality always comes at a high price. But discrimination reaps a higher cost, like the 250 humans killed in Brazil for no reason other than their sexual orientation or sexuality. Those shocking, raw numbers obscure the daily personal and economic suffering of many others and their family members. The past advances have helped to grant basic rights of marriage, health care, and a security to many in the LGBTQ community of Latin America, but not all. Though long overdue, freedom and equality is on the march, legally, socially and economically… but it will be a long march indeed.

Check it out!


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