Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Maduro Keeping His Head Down

I'm quoted in this article about the Trump administration's policy toward Venezuela. My quip about Nordstrom may not be particularly erudite (and it's so last week!) but my overall point was that for now Nicolás Maduro is keeping his head down and trying not to get Trump's attention. There is no obvious reason for Trump to spend much time dealing with Venezuela or getting sucked into a deeper conflict. So if Maduro can keep his name out of the headlines in major U.S. media outlets by, say, insulting Trump, all the better. No "Mr. Danger" so far.

Incidentally, David Smilde thinks Trump is in fact starting to pay more attention to Venezuela. Since Trump seems to have few actual guiding foreign policy principles that we can discern, we're all just guessing even more than usual.


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