Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Immigrants in Argentina

Thanks to my student Nashaly Ruiz-González for pointing out this article about the mirror image of the immigration debates in the United States and in Argentina. Mauricio Macri has been aping Donald Trump's anti-immigrant language and policy, and is also getting an indignant response. There were recently protests/strikes to highlight how much immigrants do in Argentina.

"Soy mexicano, soy peruana, soy boliviano, soy psicóloga, soy costurera, soy estudiante.... soy migrante. También aporto a tu economía, a tu cultura, a tu sociedad", sintetiza una convocatoria replicada en las redes sociales.

Just like the U.S., Argentina is a country of immigrants but more hostile to the non-white variety.

Update: Fittingly, Macri will be heading to the White House in a few weeks. They have a lot in common.


Anonymous,  6:14 AM  

All Macri did was pass a law that bars those immigrants with CRIMINAL RECORDS a common-sense policy which most countries in the world including the US already have. Immigrants of all creeds and colors are welcome we have millions of Bolivians, Peruvians, Chileans, Chinese, Africans, so I don't see the 'hostility' you are describing. Please inform yourself of the facts. There is no wall, no racist rethoric and no far-right.

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