Sunday, June 20, 2010

Santos, Piñera and García

Juan Manuel Santos says he feels close to Alan García and Sebastián Piñera.  Does this mean he feels unpopular and rich?


Boli-Nica 11:14 PM  

considering the fact that under Garcia Peru is experiencing the highest economic growth rates in the region, poverty has been reduced, and Foreign Direct Investment is at record highs, that would not be a bad person to feel close to

leftside 12:31 PM  

Garcia has the lowest approval rating in the region I think (26%), and only 22% of Peruvians say they are satisfied with their democracy, the lowest among Latin America (as opposed to Venezuela, where respondents rate their democracy very high). The reason is prety clear - he's focussed on winning over foreign capitalists but done little for the rural poor.

Boli-Nica 4:03 PM  

Peru has enjoyed an average annual economic growth rate of 7 percent since 2003 or that per capita income has doubled and poverty plummeted from 50 percent to 35 percent in roughly the same time.

seems that there is little contradicition between social policies, transparency, and encouraging foreign investment while increasing exports. Smart economic management seems to have helped reduce poverty in Peru.

The happy Venezuelans - from a more resource-rich country - can continue to be happy with their economy shrinking.

leftside 5:30 PM  

Venezuela's record on GDP growth, income growth and poverty reduction beats Peru's during that time frame.

And I remember seeing regional poverty statistics from Peru that showed how the the modest poverty reductions were almost wholly taking place in La Paz and the coast, leaving out the interior all together. This is typical for a FDI, capitalist led growth strategy - you should not be surpirsed.

Peru's growth is also almost entirely based on commodities. I guess that was an issue in Venezuela, but not Peru. In Peru, the growth is because of good (right-wing) governance, right?

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