Friday, February 10, 2012

Bad arguments about the Latino vote

CNN has an opinion piece on the importance of the Latino vote for the 2012 election that perpetuates the bad arguments I've periodically written about. There are three major problems.

First, growth of the Latino population does not mean there are registered voters. This should be common sense when you're dealing with a cohort with lots of foreign born individuals. He cites North Carolina without discussing the extremely low number of Latino voters. There is a tendency to conflate current and future trends.

Second, immigration is not the most important issue to Latinos when deciding who to vote for. It just isn't. How many polls do we need before people start internalizing this fact?

Third, this is just wrong:

Hispanics lean Democratic, but it's not a base Democratic vote. Hispanics cast their ballots on issues and in favor of the candidates rather than for the party, much like 40% of the population, which is now considered independent.

Latinos are overwhelmingly a Democratic base. They definitely do not just "lean." He falls into the very common trap of believing that "independents" are truly independent. In fact, a minority are.

In short, the Latino vote is definitely important, but not in the sweeping, generalized, simplistic manner too often portrayed.


Vicente Duque 6:45 PM - Patriots for Self-Deportation - Self-Deport yourself if any of your ancestors came illegally to the USA and you are an anchor baby - Tea Partiers that want to purge America of Criminals by self-deportation

When Mitt Romney was asked in a Republican Debate how he would handle illegal immigrants living in the United States, he said, “Well, the answer is self-deportation.”

Hundreds of People are self-deporting themselves to Italy, Poland, etc for a new "Morning in America" and "America the Beautiful"...... Seriously, this is no joke. Many people want to commit suicide to purge America.

Rick Santorum in a Republican Debate, belittling Newt Gingrich’s expressed concern for grandmothers who are longtime residents, offered a novel legal theory. “You can’t be here for twenty years and commit only one illegal act,” he told a group in Iowa. “Because everything you’re doing while you’re here is against the law.”

Read many anguished testimonials from conscience-stricken young white people heading off to Italy and Poland to atone for their ancestors’ misdeeds.

So you may be a super criminal illegal of many generations and you have to self-deport immediately or commit suicide if you prefer as the best method to clean America.

Read here the "Republican Candidates Race to the Bottom on Immigration and other Human Topics", a wonderful article of the New Yorker ( always a top intellectual and intelligent magazine ) criticizing the Superb Imbecility of the Republican Debates on Immigration ( Solutions that are impractical, impossible, illusory, anti-economic, racist, bigoted, prejudiced and idiotic )
Is this Republican Self-Deportation or Self-Degradation ??

Patriots for Self-Deportation

The New Yorker Magazine :
January 2012 :

Candidates on the border


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