Friday, February 24, 2012

Immigration Groundhog Day

A member of Congress argues that places like California are becoming too "Latinized" and that Mexican immigrants are driving down wages. He therefore introduces legislation to reduce the number of Mexicans coming to the United States. The president disagrees, arguing that the U.S. is trying to maintain good relations with Mexico and that the proposed legislation is not fair. The Senate passes it anyway, but business interests manage to make it die before it reaches the president's desk. Some of the furor dies down a bit because economic downturn is reducing the flow of immigrants.

Sound familiar? It was in 1930 and was President Hoover.

Google News Archive is a fun diversion.


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Mitt Romney in talks over nationwide version of tough state immigration laws. - Immigration adviser Kris Kobach, the man behind controversial 'self-deportation' laws in Arizona and Alabama, says policy could force out 5 million illegal immigrants in just four years

British "Guardian" Newspaper
Mitt Romney to kick out 5 million illegal immigrants in just four years
By Ed Pilkington in Topeka, Kansas
Friday, February 24, 2012

Some excerpts :

Mitt Romney has discussed the possibility of imposing a nationwide crackdown on undocumented aliens, a move that his leading immigration adviser believes could force more than a million people to quit the country every year.

Kris Kobach, the source of some of Romney's most controversial ideas on immigration, has told the Guardian that he has been in direct discussions with the presidential candidate about possible changes to federal policy should Romney win the Republican nomination and go on to take the White House.

The changes would see "attrition through enforcement" – the state-level clampdown pioneered by Kobach in Arizona, Alabama and several other states – extended across the entire US in an attempt to winkle undocumented workers out of the country.

Kobach estimates that within the first four years of a new Republican presidency, as many as half of the current pool of undocumented aliens – some 5.5 million – could be made to flee by introducing much more aggressive enforcement of immigration documents.

The idea is to make the legal environment so hostile to undocumented families, and work so hard to come by, that they will choose to depart of their own volition – "self-deportation", as Kobach calls it.

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VIDEO : CNN : President Obama will Win in a Landslide with a lot of help from Latinos Says Charles Garcia ( Big Financier Banker, Rich Money Man ), Christine Romans, business correspondent and anchor for CNN

Obama is doing everything right, 84% of registered Latino Voters go to vote.

This strange rich man is a "turncoat" from Strong Bush Republican to Strong Obama Supporter. Money Manager Charles Garcia is based in Florida, a friend of Jeb Bush and George W. Bush, he raised a lot of funds and moneys for the presidential campaigns of George W. Bush, Charles Garcia is considered one of the Top Hispanic Men in Business.

Charles Patrick García (born 1961) had recently started Garcia Trujillo LLC, a consulting, merchant banking, and venture capital firm where he is the Chief Executive Officer. He also publishes many books on leadership, motivation and going into Business.

Obama could even lose Florida and Ohio and get reelected.

Arizona and Missouri could be flipped to Blue ( Democrat Party ) - These six states : Colorado, Indiana, Michigan, Nevada, New Mexico and North Carolina are very possible for Obama.

Republican Candidates are pandering to extremists and Tea Party and will be rejected on general election time by Latinos.

President Obama Wins in a Landslide Because of Latinos Says Charles Garcia

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President Obama Wins in a Landslide Because of Latinos Says Charles Garcia

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