Tuesday, March 05, 2013

Government's Take on Chávez

The Venezuelan government announced that Hugo Chávez is not doing well. Go to the state media site and you get even more:

El Gobierno Bolivariano continúa acompañando a los hijos y demás familiares del Comandante Presidente en esta batalla plena de amor y espiritualidad y llama a todo nuestro pueblo a mantenerse en pie de lucha, incólume ante la guerra psicológica desplegada por laboratorios extranjeros con altavoces en la derecha corrupta venezolana, que busca generar escenarios de violencia como pretexto para una intervención extranjera en la patria de Bolívar. 
Asimismo, el Gobierno Bolivariano repudia la actitud farisea de aquellos enemigos históricos de Hugo Chávez, que siempre le han prodigado odio, insultos y desprecios, y ahora tratan de utilizar su situación de salud como excusa para desestabilizar a la República Bolivariana de Venezuela.

I'm not sure what "psychological war" the government is referring to, unless they mean the rumor-fest that itself was caused by the government's refusal to give any facts about Chávez's condition. There's no "foreign laboratory" in that regard. And beyond a tiny minority of people like Roger Noriega, I don't see any appetite in the United States for "foreign intervention."


Justin Delacour 4:02 PM  

Setting aside whether "psychological war" is the proper term, there is some truth to the basic point that most "analysts" outside Venezuela are more interested in caricaturing Chavez and Chavismo than having any real, meaningful discussion about Venezuelan politics. There are some exceptions, of course. David Smilde does a pretty good of job of staying focused on the issues on the ground, moving beyond caricatures, and offering credible insights about certain problems within the country. However, the vast majority of what's written about Venezuela outside the country is not conducive to substantive analysis or dialogue. And, unfortunately, Greg, I'm afraid your blog posts on the subject are not much of an exception to this rule. An awful lot of sensationalism, very little substance.

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