Saturday, March 01, 2014

15 Annoying Things About the Venezuela Crisis

I'm actually having a very pleasant day, but annoying things about the Venezuelan crisis have been stuck in my head for a while. In no order at all:

1. that Maduro obsessively uses the word "fascist" in a meaningless way

2. that the opposition thinks the majority of Venezuelans are with it

3. that after 15 or so years, the opposition still has no idea how to lead its way out of a paper bag

4. that Maduro claims the opposition is to blame for the state of the economy

5. that the Venezuelan government claims that incredibly bland statements from Juan Manuel Santos, John Kerry, and others should be taken as a sign of meddling

6. that Eva Golinger and Roger Noriega are almost perfect mirrors of each other

7. that anyone believes sanctions would make the situation improve

8. that Leopoldo López is still in prison

9. that anyone continues to cite Chile in 1973 and other distant Cold War crises as comparisons to Venezuela 2014

10. that the opposition uses the word "dictatorship" while simultaneously marching publicly every day against the government

11. that Maduro keeps saying he wants peace while simultaneously ranting and raving about the opposition

12. that people think the media is sweeping Venezuela under the rug

13. that Venezuela keeps expelling U.S. diplomats until nobody's left but the night shift or something

14. that the Agencia Venezolana de Noticias takes itself seriously

15. that English-language media cannot stop writing that Venezuela is "bracing" for protests (just Google Venezuela braces)


Randy Paul,  3:44 PM  

You nailed it regarding Eva Golinger and Roger Noriega. I swear I would rather have my nether parts waxed than be in the same room with either one of them.

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