Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Bad News for Rousseff

Wow, look at these numbers from PewResearch. They show broad and deep dissatisfaction with Dilma Rousseff on, well, just about everything. The conclusion is that the World Cup has been a real loser for her.

Brazilians aren't happy and they aren't thrilled with the World Cup.

Brazilians don't like how Rousseff is handling things:

Her only good news is that Brazilians still see her as preferable to any other candidate:

The presidential election is in October so it's premature to say much beyond the obvious point that the outlook for Rousseff is a lot less rosy than it was, say, one year ago. The World Cup begins in a mere nine days and lasts a month, which means her government will be in the global limelight for a long time. As with the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Twitter and the mainstream media are awash in pictures, snide remarks, and stories about Brazil not being ready. Unlike Vladmir Putin, however, Rousseff actually faces real elections.


Greg Mason 11:46 AM  

I think public opinion (even in a soccer-mad country like Brasil) is finally catching up with reality: the World Cup (and other big time events, such as the Olympics) are not a net financial gain for the host country. These funds COULD be better used for domestic programs. Why must billions of dollars be spent for sporting events which most countries, and their fans, are happy to participate in regardless of the money spent? I am a huge soccer fan, but FIFA, and Sep Blatter in particular, are crooks in suits with little interest in the true promotion of the game or the host country of a World Cup. I'm glad the people of Brasil are starting to realize this and voice their concerns.

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