Monday, March 02, 2015

Tuning Out Coup Claims in Venezuela

I'm quoted in this Bloomberg story on Nicolás Maduro's coup claims. My point was that you can only claim so many conspiracies before even your supporters--except perhaps for the most hardcore--start ignoring you. Everyone tunes you out.

It reaches a truly comical extreme. From Hugo Pérez-Hernáiz:

Recently politically rehabilitated public television presenter Mario Silva claims that in two years more than 13,700,000 “internet psychological operations” have been generated against president Maduro. 

Silva did not specify how the data was collected or what exactly is to be understood as an “internet psychological operation.” The count was made, according to Silva, by fellow Venezolana de Televisionpresenter Larissa Costa.

Once you reach this level, it just becomes background noise. Millions and millions of conspiracies are too hard to keep up with.


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