Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Venezuelan Historical Conspiracy

Here is some truly wonderful paranoia from Telesur, which may well reflect the basic outlook of Nicolás Maduro. It's a tour de force of conspiracy theories. The United States, it seems, is just about to launch some sort of covert military action against Venezuela, as things look similar to 1964 when LBJ expanded the U.S. presence in Vietnam. We know this too because, among other things, the United States intentionally bombed the Maine so it could invade Cuba in 1898. It also likely planned 9/11. Europe might join in as well, though I am not entirely clear why. I was also disappointed that the JFK assassination was not mentioned.

Sadly, we've inched back toward the Bush years, where Hugo Chávez blabbed on about "Mr. Danger" and Donald Rumsfeld pulled out Hitler references. I am still waiting to see what positive policy outcome can come from the sanctions with their accompanying national security threat reference.


ConsDemo 9:39 PM  

Well UNASUR condemned the decree tonight, partially out of nationalistic impulses and partly because certain Latin American leaders want to reserve the right to oppress their own people if they feel it necessary.

While the language of the statute is a bit over the top given how its used and the sanctions themselves won't have a big impact, Latin American are setting a pretty sorry example by excusing what is going on in Venezuela.

The rhetoric about the Yankee invasion is been pretty constant for years. No doubt there will be more of it in the coming weeks, but it won't erase the scarcity and violent crime on the streets of Venezuela, so I'm not sure it helps Maduro in the long run.

ConsDemo 9:39 PM  

Sorry, my post above should have said "Latin American leaders are..."

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