Thursday, January 14, 2016

Venezuela Lurching But Moving

Perhaps I am feeling pollyanna-ish. I thought it was good news that the Venezuelan government accepted a major electoral loss. Its efforts to block three legislators, which conveniently avoids a supermajority, is ridiculous. But I also think it's good news that the opposition chose to set that issue aside temporarily rather than launch major protests or otherwise escalating the situation.

For opposition views, Caracas Chronicles is the place to look, with for example a proposal to have clearly focused legislative agenda, then make it more obvious that the packed judiciary is the problem. This makes sense to me. The government is hoping for an opposition reaction that will be viewed negatively, and remember that voters were often more anti-Chavismo than pro-opposition. Pushing #lasalida right now (as opposed to an eventual goal, which is openly there) is not the way to gain support and keep the military neutral.

Military intervention is what everyone should want to avoid, because it becomes a) violent; and b) unpredictable. This is a tenuous situation, though. If the government decides to completely annul the three candidates' victories entirely--and with the stakes high it may well do so--then I am not sure what'll happen. For now, the can has been kicked down the road.


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