Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Hezbollah in Latin America Stuff

I've been writing for many years about the steady stream of exaggerated threat scenarios about Middle Eastern terrorists in Latin America (for a decade they've always been on the verge of an attack). In that vein, I saw that my own member of Congress traveled to Latin America to investigate the issue. I was pleased with the response:

“Hezbollah is active in Latin America.  We are concerned other terrorist organizations will follow.  After more than two dozen meetings with elected leaders, top government officials, and U.S. State Department personnel based in the region, I am encouraged the threat has been recognized and our friends are ready to join America in partnerships to intercept terrorism financing,” said Congressman Pittenger.  
“While our partners in South America are in full solidarity and cooperation with our efforts, they lack the technical capabilities and training to be fully effective.  We must work with them through our government agencies and the private sector to enhance support systems to identify and cut off the flow of money used to finance acts of evil.”

Latin America's response to the claims about terrorist threats have consistently been measured and rational. It is more "This is certainly something to keep watch on" rather than "There is a threat that might destroy us at any minute." Also, the focus on financing is good because, despite being an obvious problem, it keeps the threat response more firmly in the hands of civilians. Training for the identification of money laundering is so much better than training Latin American militaries to fight terrorists. I hope the focus stays this way.


Alfredo 3:36 PM  

Complete waste of time.......investigate Saudi Arabia.

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