Thursday, January 19, 2017

Trump's Political Appointees for Latin America

Latin America Goes Global has a new section called "Just the Facts." The latest post provides bios of the people currently working for the Trump transition and those rumored to be under consideration for a position in the new administration.

We're still in the speculation phase, and even though tomorrow is inauguration we won't know the Latin America positions right away. One key position is Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs. In the George W. Bush-Barack Obama transition, Tom Shannon (who as I've mentioned could become Secretary of State!) stayed until the end of Obama's first year, so there was continuity. The current Assistant Secretary is Mari Carmen Aponte, but Trump has shown that he does not want Obama's political appointees to stick around. If he follows that, then the position will be open. I think that starting tomorrow there will be a lot of empty desks.

The National Security Council Senior Director for Western Hemisphere Affairs is another critical position. Mark Feierstein is out and so it will be empty. The list in the post above is a useful place to start.


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