Tuesday, June 26, 2018

El Pulgarcito de America

The latest in an occasional food installment I started recently, really intended to highlight Latin American restaurants in Charlotte, which incidentally are small American businesses owned and operated by the same immigrants that the President of the United States demonizes as animals, invaders, and rapists.

My 13 year old daughter and I went for dinner at El Pulgarcito de America, a Salvadoran restaurant on Central Avenue (though the menu also has Honduran and Mexican options). I had a combination of tamales and pupusa, which was great. My daughter got seafood soup, which turned out to be an enormous bowl overflowing with all kinds of seafood, including crab on top (with a crab cracker on the side of the plate) and rice on the side. She loved it (and for the first time in her life, ate a small squid) while I happily ate what she couldn't finish.

The last place I went was Arepas Grill and I already want to get back there.


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