Friday, June 29, 2018

Mike Pence Condescends to Central America

I told myself I wouldn't comment more on Mike Pence but he is leaving a trail of absurdity that I am having a difficult time ignoring. He lectured Central American presidents on immigration.

"This exodus must end," Pence said. "It is a threat to the security to the United States, and just as we respect your borders and your sovereignty, we insist that you respect ours."


"Tell your people that coming to the United States illegally will only result in a hard journey and a harder life," Pence said.
WTF? Everyone knows the damned trip is hard. Do you think prospective migrants don't know that? Everyone talks about it. Organized crime is involved. That's no secret either.

And does anyone actually believe that potential migrants will change their decision because their president asks them to please refrain so that U.S. feelings are not hurt?  Either they feel in danger or they don't. If they do, they're leaving no matter what any president or vice president says.

And finally, the United States respects the sovereignty of Central American countries only when it's in its interests to do so. It violates that sovereignty with some regularity.

This whole exercise is both futile and insulting, a condescending lecture that has countless before it in the sordid history of U.S.-Latin American relations.


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