Sunday, January 25, 2009

Immigration law in the South

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution discusses the new law in Georgia requiring business and local governments to verify the immigration status of all new hires. No one should be surprised that it does not work:

No one in state government is enforcing the law. No one at the state level has checked to see whether governments and businesses are complying. And nothing happens to them if they don’t.


The reason for the lack of accountability: The Legislature never provided money to monitor the law.

“As far as any enforcement responsibilities under the law, we don’t have any,” Labor Department spokesman Sam Hall said.

In sum, supporters of the law wanted something to make it look like they were "getting tough" but it was too confusing and expensive to function as planned. The end result is yet another law, added to the many in existence, that doesn't work and makes a mockery of common sense but won't be rescinded because that would make legislators look weak.


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