Saturday, January 03, 2009

What Mexico will get

Marvin King links to a WSJ article about a Russian professor who is predicting the break-up of the United States by 2010. It is entirely nonsensical but highly entertaining. Mexico apparently will get a big chunk of the southwest and southeast. It is not quite clear, however, why Georgia becomes part of Mexico while we in North Carolina become Europeans. It seems that in a few short years I will be a citizen of the EU. My parents in California, however, will be Chinese. Go figure.


boz 2:10 PM  

I'm willing to entertain discussions of what will happen to the US over the long term, but this map was utterly and completely ridiculous. How anyone takes this seriously is beyond me. The fact this guy is a credible commentator on Russian news is a serious problem.

mike a,  11:30 PM  

This is pure entertainment. Utah as part of China? That sounds like a Mormon plot for expansion. It certainly isn't based on the Chinese population in Utah, which totals about 15.

Tennessee and South Carolina in the north? Let's not forget...the SEC would hold the south together better than any politicians could. What would the Vols do, join the Big Ten? We can count on Tennessee and South Carolina remaining as part of the South.

Greg Weeks 6:23 AM  

Though if you live in the north, baseball and American football might disappear, and we'd join European soccer leagues.

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