Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The FARC and Panama

From Semana: the FARC is ticked because they wanted freedom at the Panamanian border and yet are being attacked by Panamanian forces.  This was "unjustified" and "inexplicably aggressive" because they had agreed not to attack the armed forces of other countries as long as they were allowed to traffic drugs, camp out, and do whatever they wanted.

This may well be the whiniest message I've read from the FARC.  Here is the entire thing.  It's all about how Panama has been mean and they wish Omar Torrijos was still around.


Vicente Duque 10:43 AM  

The FARC are sheer EVIL, they kill Children, Women and the Old in some of the poorest villages and hamlets. They plant land mines in agricultural children, thousands of children without legs, or walking in crutches.

They are narcos, drug dealers, drug trafficking, common criminals, without cocaine and heroine they would disappear in one day.


Cannon Fodder and Turk's Head. Using the cat's paw to draw chestnuts from fire. Colombians in Afghanistan and Uribe becoming a despot - Toilet Paper and Imbecility

A friend said in a comment :

"For the left, these actions function as good propaganda, showing Uribe as a ball-less sycophant of US power"

That is totally correct, 100% right, The Colombian Government and the U. S. Government are acting like the best Advertising Agency for Hugo Chavez, Rafael Correa, Daniel Ortega, Evo Morales, Fidel Castro, etc ...

The Good of sending these poors fellows to die is microscopic and the damage in public relations for Colombia and the USA is astronomical. These guys are nedeed in Colombia to keep order and rebuild a nation destroyed by war. To detonate the land mines planted by guerrillas and that kill peasant children every day in agricultural fields.

Americans do not know about the Colombian Troops and could not care less. Europeans do not know about these poor fellows, and don't give a damn, they are worried about their own citizens killed in an absurd, useless and lost war.

Cannon Fodder and Turk's Head. Using the cat's paw to draw chestnuts from the fire.

On the other hand Alvaro Uribe is acting like a despot in year 2010. He wants to be reelected changing the constitution of Colombia as if it were TOILET PAPER for his own personal use.

Fortunately the Constitutional Courts and their Judges are resisting this abuse of the Executive on the Constitution and the Judiciary.

There are two big scandals now that show the Tyranny and Despotism of Uribe :

SCANDAL 1 : The Agricultural Subsidies were given to the Friends, Relatives, Political Supporters and Cronies of Alvaro Uribe, billions of dollars. This guy has the ugly custom of blaming the lowest bureaucracy and the poorest government officials for his own faults. Even and idiot knows that the President knew that the Monies were paybacks to his chums.

SCANDAL 2 : He wants to reform the "Health Care" system of Colombia that was working very well for poor people and the middle class to make it a business, because he, his family and friends are the owners of the Insurance and Hospitals. But it is not reformed democratically by the Colombian Congress, but by decree, order, edict, fiat, ukase of the tsar, papal bull, ordain of the enthroned Imperial Ruler.

As if Obama could legislate in 5 minutes with the help of Rahm Emanuel and Tim Geithner.

And this guy wants to force a Republican Nation into being a Kingdom with a vitalicious president.

The Future of Foreign Policies :

Vicente Duque

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