Friday, February 05, 2010

Venezuelan stories

The new English-language paper on Venezuela is looking for submissions.  Given the content of this edition, it seems they prefer stories on the glories of coup attempts, the wonders of media crackdowns, and how student protests are fake.


Vicente Duque 12:39 PM  

Big Gift that Obama and Uribe give to Chavez - Is Latin America becoming the Land of Super Idiots ?? - Sending poor Colombians to die in Afghanistan

As if Chavez wasn't enough to create idiotic trouble in Latin America.

I just learned that Colombia ( that is President Alvaro Uribe ) is going to send troops to combat in Afghanistan.

I can not imagine something more stupid or a greater gift to Chavez Propaganda of destabilization of Latin America.

This shows the Colombian Government in the Worst Possible Light. With an internal conflict tha has not finished and sending troops for combat in a Foreign extreme far away nation, where there are no interests and where they are going to be killed miserably and uselessly to please a guy that is becoming megalomaniac ( Alvaro Uribe ).

Those troops are needed at home to fight against guerrillas, police the nation criminals and narcos, remove the thousands of land mines in Colombian land, etc ...

I can not imagine something more absurd and idiotic.

Fortunately the Constitutional Courts are opposing Uribe and may sink the Referendum, the Referendum for a Third Presidency is becoming unpopular and it needs a threshold that is very difficult to achieve ( Uribe suffered a defeat in another Referendum because people stayed at home to sink his projects ! )

Uribe is also commiting many mistakes and managing Health Care as a despot by decree. The Agricultural Subsidies of Uribe are a Big Corruption. His friends and cronies are subsidized for Big Farms. Nothing for the poor guy.

The Future of Foreign Policies :

Vicente Duque

Slave Revolt,  5:12 AM  

jeez, Greg, why don't you contribute to this news paper.

Oh, tenure review board, I forgot.

Seriously, though, wouldn't it be nice if you actually reviewed the journalism in this paper--rather than smear it the way you do?

Oh, tenure reveiw board. My bad.

Vicente Duque 6:47 PM  

There are currently about 120 Colombian soldiers serving under NATO in Afghanistan. Their focus is on landmine removal and combatting drug trafficking.

Colombia Reports
Colombia a model of success for Afghanistan, says minister
By Elyssa Pachico
January 27 2010

I am beginning to look to the Colombian Government as 50% evil and 50% Imbecility.

A third term for Uribe would be catastrophic. A tropical Geoge W. Bush ??

The Future of Foreign Policies :

Vicente Duque

Slave Revolt,  12:14 PM  

Vincente, isn't Uribe's placing troops in the service of NATO and the US empire simply a bit of reciprocity for political, economic, and foriegn policy support with respect to Colombia.

Isn't this quid pro quo?

You know that I am no fan of Uribe, or US imperialism with its invasions, mass murder, and perpetual occupations--but I don't get your vociferous rebuke of Uribe for these actions.

For the left, these actions function as good propaganda, showing Uribe as a ball-less sycophant of US power.

Cuba sends doctors. Venezuela sends fuel. Colombia sends mercenaries, deathsquads, and, as always, a little bit of coke for the noses of alienated youth from captialist countries.

mike a,  1:01 PM  

Slave Revolt: What you fail to realize is that if you lived in Cuba or the country that Mr. Chavez is trying to create you would not be free to opine the way you do. Freedom sure has its benefits, no?

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