Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Piñera cabinet

Sebastián Piñera isn't even president yet, and he is getting a taste of the fun to come.  The composition of his cabinet has been critiqued from all angles, including from the center-right (Andres Allamand, who might just be feeling left out).  So now we have this mini-spectacle of criticisms, criticisms of the criticisms, and even repudiation of the criticisms of the criticisms from his own future cabinet members-to-be.

Patricio Navia examines the entire cabinet and notes that few of the members know much about how a state operates.  Fair enough, but they would need experience under the military government to have that qualification, at least for the executive branch, which is where the action is.  Plus, at the moment polls show an incredibly small percentage of Chileans have confidence in the government, so the Concertación's experience didn't always translate into positive outcomes.  Indeed, Michelle Bachelet shuffled her own cabinet multiple times, even shortly after promising gender parity.  She brought in more experienced people and then confidence in the coalition dropped even more.


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