Thursday, April 07, 2011

Ecuador ambassador kicked out

The Ecuadorian Ambassador the US, Luis Gallegos, has been proclaimed persona non grata in response to the same gesture by Ecuador to the U.S. Ambassador.  This is particularly unfortunate, as when he came to UNC Charlotte in January I had a really favorable impression.  Hopefully things will calm down soon and both can return.


Anonymous,  4:57 PM  

Some additional analysis is here:

Vicente Duque 3:25 PM  

Kicking out ambassadors, here and there !

Someone wrote a title "Latin America Shakes Off the US Yoke".

I do not think that "Latin America Shakes Off the US Yoke" because I do not see the Yoke.

I am a harsh critic of the United States, but only for Arab or Muslim Nations, and not in relation to Latin America ....

The United States is not necessarily an Evil Nation for the Andean Nations ( only a small part of South America ), It may have done some good work helping Colombia to avoid the fate of Terrorist Domination by the FARC brutal murderers ...

The USA may do some good business in a WIN-WIN situation with Colombia and Panama later this year ... for "Free Trade Agreements" ....That has been promised by Obama inside the White House during the past Friday ...

That could turn out to be a good deal for all the parties involved ...

The Future will bring the USA and the Central American Nations closer, also true for the Caribbean and Andean Nations, which will have stronger relations to the USA in the future : Economic, Political, Cultural, etc ... ....

Chile is a very close nation to the USA.

I do not know about Brazil and Argentina .... There are two other small nations : Paraguay and Uruguay, strongly dominated by Brazil and Argentina.

And the Big Unknown is Venezuela, ruled by the Demagoguery of Chavez, so unpredictable as his friend Muammar al Gaddafi.


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