Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Yet more on Colombia FTA

I've written quite a bit on the strange arguments people make about the Colombia FTA.  Here is an entirely new one from Michael Barone: the FTA has not been passed because of support from, and I quote, "black or Hispanic left-wingers, from union operatives, from antiwar groups."   This is the first time I've seen a racial or ethnic argument, and he provides no evidence for it.  As for unions, what people do not realize is that some unions support FTAs.  To argue otherwise is false.

Regardless, I am not ready to make predictions but I would argue that from a strictly pragmatic perspective the current political climate is potentially propitious for passing the FTA.  In particular, President Obama just came back from Latin America and would like to show he is making an effort.  It would also be a bipartisan effort, which shows he is trying to reach out in the context of a bruising budget debate.


Vicente Duque 11:26 AM  

My 2 cents of advice to Colombian Negotiators and to the U. S. Congress ( and Industrialists ! ) :

If you want to succeed in the FTA of USA and Colombia do not despise the American Agricultural Unions ( and others ) as foolish, ignorant or irrational.

I have never studied a single hour of Agriculture but I have heard these arguments many times from people who should know :

The USA will always defeat Colombia in Cereals like wheat, barley, rye, oats, maize, etc ...

Even if you have the same finance, labor and agricultural expertise USA will always win the competition.

Otherwise Colombia will always defeat the USA in Sugar Cane, Palm Oil, Coffee, Cocoa, Flowers and most important : exotic and common fruits and vegetables of thousands of species. And Colombia has great future potential for Tea, Wines and others.

These are decrees of God : because of Seasons, Hours of Sunshine, Climate, Weather, availability of clear pure water, rains, absence of storms and tornadoes, etc ...

This is not a matter of finance, loans, labor and worker dedication, money or agricultural knowledge and technology. It is God at his best.

So those interested in selling high tech to Colombia like the American Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Manufacturers and Big Industrial Corporations have to deal with this reality.

Those last mentioned guys have to persuade politicians and Southern Agriculturalists - And this is a give and take.

And persuading the American Public is an uphill battle too. I only want to talk about Agriculture and leave other terrible political variables.

"alles ist schwer" "nichts ist leicht"

Vicente Duque

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