Friday, June 03, 2011

Noriega on Humala

Thanks to one of my students for pointing out this video on Univision about Roger Noriega.  In an effort to derail Ollanta Humala's candidacy at the last minute, Noriega decided to accuse Ollanta Humala of receving money from Hugo Chávez.  He says he has a report with credible sources, but of course refuses to allow anyone to see it.

Remember that it was only a few days ago that Noriega claimed there was a plot to make Honduras a base for Hezbollah.


leftside 6:53 PM  

Humala responds to the mentiras.

leftside 7:02 PM  

Sorry, here's the Telesur link of Humala's response. This desparate last minute attempt of interference by the right wing forces in the US may be just what Humala needs to get over the hump.

Latest Catholic University poll shows widening lead for Humala - sent the stock market reeling today.

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