Sunday, April 22, 2012

Terrorism talk

After Cartagena, everyone and their grandmother has written something about U.S. failure in Latin America. Most of the analysis is overblown. Voice of America, though, pinpoints part of the problem in an article that actually is intended to show U.S. engagement.

U.S. Defense Secretary Leon Panetta heads to South America as part of Washington’s efforts to build partnerships in the region in the fight against drug trafficking and terrorism.  
Panetta hopes to turn attention back to the issues of drug trafficking and anti-terror efforts.

Terrorism? Even close allies will start rolling their eyes when U.S. officials go on about Iran and Hezbollah. It is perhaps one of the ultimate signs of being out of touch.


boz 3:08 PM  

I think this article from the official DOD website does a better job describing Panetta's agenda. It only mentions terrorism once in relation to the FARC.

Greg Weeks 3:12 PM  

OK, though VOA is state media, so needs to be in sync!

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