Saturday, April 07, 2012

Alabama's buyer remorse

Prior to passage of the Alabama immigration law, everyone with a modicum of sense knew it would be a disaster. Now after its gone into effect, even people without any sense are realizing it is a disaster, and so are proposing revisions.

Unfortunately, the real lesson is going entirely unlearned. These laws hurt the states that pass them. They will never achieve the goals intended by their authors. What's so strange is how proponents believe that putting immigration reform on the backs of state businesses will create jobs.

It doesn't matter what revisions you make. In fact, they simply may make things more confusing, because constantly changing already complex rules just leaves everyone clueless. The bill will hurt Alabama, as the average Alabaman will pay the price that their elected officials refuse to acknowledge.


Vicente Duque 9:26 PM  

Amicus Briefs to Supreme Court opposing SB 1070 - Prominent American Personalities of more importance than those that support the Law, 11 states : California, New York, Illinois, etc, more than 40 cities : Tucson, Flagstaff, San Luis in AZ

By contrast, no member of any prior federal administration joined a brief supporting SB 1070. Opposition to SB 1070 is far broader than its proponents care to admit. Public opinion polls simply cannot account for the types of problems that will occur if Arizona-type laws take effect—whether from a fiscal, foreign relations, or law enforcement standpoint.

Immigration Impact
Supreme Court Flooded with Briefs Opposing Arizona SB 1070
by Ben Winograd
April 5, 2012

Some excerpts :

One brief filed in opposition to SB 1070 was joined by a former Secretary of State (Madeline Albright), a former Secretary of Defense (William Cohen), and two former ambassadors to the United Nations (Albright and John Negroponte). Another brief was submitted on behalf of two former commissioners of the Immigration and Naturalization Service (Doris Meissner and James Ziglar). By contrast, no member of any prior federal administration joined a brief supporting SB 1070.

Eleven states—with a combined population of nearly 100 million—submitted a brief opposing SB 1070, including California, New York, and Illinois. More than 40 cities and counties also filed a brief opposing the law, three of which are located in Arizona (Tucson, Flagstaff, and San Luis).

A brief filed on behalf of 68 pro-immigrant members of Congress was joined by Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi and other high-ranking members of the House Democratic leadership. By contrast, no member of the House Republican leadership signed a pro-SB 1070 brief filed on behalf of fifty conservative lawmakers.


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