Saturday, April 06, 2013

Eva Golinger Jumps the Shark

Take some disparate facts, add some speculation, sprinkle in some ideology, then stir them together and serve up a tasty bowl of conspiracy theory. Eva Golinger, who is known for arguing at the far fringes of credulity, puts together a mashup of arguments to show why she thinks the U.S. government murdered Hugo Chávez by somehow giving him cancer.

I like this part in particular:

La naturaleza agresiva y desconocida de la enfermedad del Presidente Chávez, además de la inexistencia de una herencia de cáncer en su familia, apuntan claramente a la real posibilidad de que el líder de la Revolución Bolivariana haya sido asesinado.

The "unknown" part of the cancer, of course, is related to the fact that the Venezuelan government refused to tell anyone anything and lied constantly about the president's condition. The conspiracy, then, is internal. And aggressive? Every one of us knows someone who died tragically and quickly from cancer, even though just days before they were fit and healthy.

Go ahead and read the whole thing. At the very least, I believe she's managed to convince herself.


Anonymous,  8:02 AM  

You're not getting it, man. This isn't meant to be read, it's meant to be cited, footnoted. It will be cited a thousand times by other people who know that nobody goes back to check sources. It will become truthy for people inclined to believe. Do you also argue with religious texts?

Greg Weeks 8:03 AM  

well, I would just ignore her if I thought that would make her go away.

Cort Greene 8:50 AM  

It is not beyond the US to try to kill someone as shown with their attempts to do it to Fidel Castro hundreds of times but until there is evidence it is sheer speculation.

Ms. Golinger has provided lots of good info on coups and US intervention in Venezuela but her theory is unproven, there have been no tests as such and she is bright and smart enough to know that but sometimes one just has to promote themselves.

But then there was no conspiracy to hide the health of president Chavez either, everyone and their grandmother knew he had cancer, treated for it four times and the world was updated constantly but some just want it both ways and whatever happen to peoples privacy and even in the US ones medical health is private.

John Hayes 9:25 AM  

Eva Golinger was in charge of the Venezuela Information Office throughout much of Hugo Chavez's time in office. She has for years been advocating the overthrow of society and government in the USA by any convenient means. She spent years recruiting people from all backgrounds and fringe POVs into so-called Bolivarian Circles. Many were shipped off to Venezuela to receive training there, including Eva. herself, possibly,to Cuba, as well. There is abundant evidenceshowingthat Eva Golinger practiced law without having passed the NY State BarExam, claimed tobe a member of an immigration law advocacy group untruthfully, and hasn't exactly paid her fair share of VIO income in taxes to Uncle Sam, not the income she got from its' successor,nor that income she was paid last year in Caracas for work done stateside. She probably doesn't meet the legal definition of expatriate or migrant worker, but she does need to register as a representative of a hostile foreign power. She is currently living in Caracas, was paidover $3.5 million USD by Chavez last year for her work in the US and there as reported in Venezuelan state-controlled media. Eva's jumbled, illogical, unattached assertions are designed to be hit by web surfers,who, after reading enough wallpapered repetitions, will mostly become convinced it is true. She also participated during 2007 in a kangaroo court in Caracas in which forty whistle blowing journalists who hadbravely told the public about the growing menace of official corruption, civil insecurity, uranium exportation to Iran and North Korea, and the failure of 90% of the PSUV's missions due to incompetence adn corruption were basically condemned to death in the country's worst prisons run by Chavez allies called "PRANS." Back stateside, cowardly Eva hides behind the bill of rights, spewing her divisive and incendiary innuendos about Obama, Boehner, and Kerry, filled with subversiveness and half-truths.Eva spent almost two decades hobnobbing with the full spectrum of the tinfoil hat crowd on the fringes of it all. She may well have knowledge our authorities need, in our security and national interest, regarding the Boston carnage.If she is not hostile to our country, she should come forward to help out. My God, killing eight year old boys? Young coeds? God's justice is swift and final, Hugo has already gone down to his place, she will too. Hopefully, Eva will hopefully get access to justice stateside before she goes toher ultimate judgement.

John Hayes 9:44 AM  

The point is don't try to debate with Eva, or to educate her. A fanatic, by definition has a sufficiently closed mind and indocile character to be educated.

Rather,go to work on her personal truth, her legally and morally actionable record. She is a criminal, a malefactor, and in a small way, like a toxic creepy-crawly, a menace to the vulnerable. Venezuela has been in sore need of social, economic, and legal reforms for years before Chavez. There were resources, there was motivation, there was hope.a Now, after fourteen years of mismanagement, misprision,oppression, and treachery, there is little to none.The country has become a de-facto colony of Cuba. Cubazuela! FYI Bolivar did not envision a Cubazuela, he dreamed of La Gran Columbia, as attested to by my relative Daniel F O' Leary! Even the Chief Justice of the PSUV controlled Supreme Court feels they need to whoesale adopt Cuban law and theory because it would simplify the 'problem of the opposition." People like Eva, like Chavez's corrupt entourage and parasitic Cuba have ensured the resources needed to help the poor help themselves and to renew the country's infrastructure are no longer available. Talk about a slash and burn mentality! I am not crying fire, but when the well runs dry, these grifters need to move down the road to fatter pickings.That would seem to be North America, wouldn't it, in terms of geographic convenience and symbolic significance. Tell your elected reps and the White House to get on the stick, and to take smart action. We need to help the people help themselves, to reconcile, hopefully avoid carnage and send these fake flimflammer revolutionaries to the Island Paradise where they can enjoy the spendor of it all- AFTER THEY RETURN THE NATIONAL GOLD RESERVES THEY ABSCONDED TO HAVANA BACK TO CARACAS! We've alllowed a nest of rattlers to grow to critical mass in the neighborhood, they've hurt ourneighbors, violated the Monroe Doctrine, now they are nesting here. Do we want this, too?

John Hayes 9:49 AM  

It is certainly not beyond Fidel's fine altruistic morals to kill others, even just for reasons of personal jealousy, or to throw them in prison if the duplicity would've boomeranged too much on him. che, Cienfuegos, Huber Matos,and more. He may have caused the death of Hugo Chavez to guarantee the succession of an ideologically pure useful idiot in Venezuela like Big Bird Maduro...and to guarantee the security of his oil laden Cubazuela colony. Maduro is nothing if notcovetous and envious, ambitious beyond his education, faculties, and physical means. He probably co nnivedinthe assasination with his wife, Cillia Flores, a failed attorney.

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