Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Terrorists and Subversives

Rafael Correa said that the FARC should not be considered a terrorist group. It is just "subversive."

Más temprano, durante una entrevista concedida a periodistas locales sostuvo que las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC), no son un grupo terrorista: “Yo no creo que (que sean terroristas), son un grupo subversivo, aunque no estoy en absoluto de acuerdo con ellos. Creo que son gente que lucha por ideales, totalmente equivocados, pero no son terroristas”.

"Subversive" refers to a group trying to overthrow the government, whereas a "terrorist" typically refers to an individual or group who targets civilians or "non-combatants." Correa's argument is that the FARC is fighting for the wrong ideas but their tactics are not terrorist.

It seems reasonable to argue that subversion need not automatically entail terrorism, though you're always going to be very, very close to it. However, I don't think it is reasonable to argue anything but that the FARC is both subversive and terrorist. Clearly it wants to overthrow the existing order and use tactics like murder and kidnapping. It's hard to call Ingrid Betancourt a "combatant."


Justin Delacour 1:43 PM  

You undoubtedly have a case that the FARC have committed many terrorist acts. The invariable problem with your analysis around the issue, however, is that you ignore that all the armed actors in Colombia have often engaged in terrorist acts. In fact, even by the most conventional of measures, most massacres in Colombia have been carried out by paramilitary groups, often with the complicity of the Colombian state. As usual, the error in your analysis is not an error of commission but rather of omission. Somehow the only terrorism that you deem worthy of mention is that committed by the guerrillas. In my view, selective indignation cannot be the basis of sound analysis of Colombia's civil conflict, much less of how it can finally be brought to an end.

Vicente Duque 12:34 PM  

Both the Paramilitary and the Guerrillas are TERRORISTS and MURDERERS.

But most TERRORIST bombs that kill many civilians are planted by FARC ( almost 100% ) and Land Mines that kill or maim children ( even in this year 2013 ) are 100% sowed by FARC.

FARC has kidnapped and murdered thousands of Colombian Nationals, it has also kidnapped and murdered American Citizens, Europeans and Japanese, by the dozens. !!

These nations should care about IMPUNITY. These nations should care about TOTAL IMPUNITY. And FARC poisons American Youth with drugs like cocaine and morphine. That is their main business and source of income.

Some FARC madmen have killed dozens of their own peasant fighters in a single massacre, because of suspicion and paranoia about betrayal.

The Plan of President Santos is Total Impunity for FARC, giving them seats in the Senate and House of Representatives without any election.

Those nations like the USA, European Countries and Japan should care about this TOTAL IMPUNITY. Their nationals have been kidnapped, tortured and murdered. Their corporations have suffered extortion.


Justin Delacour 7:15 PM  

If you acknowledge that the paramilitaries are terrorists, then you have to acknowledge that the Colombian military has often been complicit in acts of terrorism as well.

Vicente Duque 11:55 AM  

Dear Justin :

Very curiously, many colombian officers and soldiers are now in jail accused of murder.

And the paramilitary that are also narcos are in American Jails. And are sent every day to their "American Dream". ( more than fity ! )

But more CURIOUSLY the most despicable TERRORISTS, TORTURERS and MURDERERS are the FARC.

And the FARC are going to be given Heaven and Earth by a Foolish President.

They are going to be given big pensions, seats in the Colombian Senate and House without any election or votes.

I wonder if many of these FARC terrorists are going to play roulette in the Montecarlo Casinos or in Las Vegas USA. Thanks to Colombian Tax Payer Money. Colombia is not Venezuela that lives only on OIL.

My Solution is very simple and easy :

Americans, Japanese, Canada and European Nations : apply an Adolph Eichman solution to this problem.

Like when Eichman was kidnapped in Argentina, drugged, and sent to Israel for Trial.

Isn't there an International Penal Court in The Hague, in Holland or the Netherlands. Is this decorative or has it any use ??


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