Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Various Faces of Nicolás Maduro

Over the last few weeks, Nicolás Maduro's statements and actions have seemed to have a certain schizophrenic quality to them, going in different and sometimes contradictory directions. It seems, too, that I've read a considerable amount of commentary sympathetic to the government versus the opposition, and none of it defends Maduro himself. He seems to have no plans and no strategies, which are replaced by saying whatever pops into his head. It's like he's playing good cop and bad cop simultaneously.

We saw that immediately as he slapped Leopoldo López into jail on flimsy charges, with Maduro personally saying he must answer for his "unawareness of the constitution" and saying he would put all fascists in jail. Meanwhile, Maduro spoke of "justice." This played directly into the opposition's hands.

Another example is the amazing array of insults he hurls at the opposition, all the while saying he just wants dialogue. In every other sentence he makes certain everyone knows that he will make no concessions and feels nothing but contempt for the opposition. If you weren't already numbed to the word "fascist" then you must be now, as it is overused to the point of absurdity. He plays eagerly (and understandably) to an internal audience, but seems oblivious to the fact that doing so closes off other opportunities.

Even as he unleashes insults at them, he laments the opposition's insults against him and the government.

Maduro also announced Venezuela would name a new ambassador to the United States, shortly after expelling three officials and giving a continuous barrage of accusations against the U.S. If you don't tone down the language, then the gesture is useless. What is it intended to achieve?

Lurching from one stance to the next and back again is counter-productive. Having López in jail is a boon to the opposition and no one is quite clear whether Maduro wants dialogue, or what it would be about.

The opposition is not much better. Henrique Capriles indicated he would engage in dialogue, then backed off. Leopoldo López seems to have few or no redeeming qualities, and apparently seeks to rival Hugo Chávez for megalomania. The government and opposition blunder along together.


Herrera,  10:16 AM  

I understand that your position is to inform and to stay null but your opinions are far from it. Can you just publish the facts? from either sides Some of your comments are out of place.

Herrera,  10:20 AM  

By the way Maduro does not have a face he is just a Castro-communist marionette.

Arnie 12:38 PM  

A Blog is to post an opinion, do not need to report only facts as mentioned by Mr Herrera. The opposition cannot attend this so called "Conference of Peace" they would find the same rhetoric. There is no negotiation possible with the likes of Diosdado, or el envigotado guitarron de mariachi del Maburro. They have another Cuba in progress. Sad.

Greg Weeks 4:23 PM  

The nice thing about a blog is that there are no rules about content. Writing posts is my way of making sense of what's going on, and I definitely have no interest in just writing facts without opinion.

Alfredo 8:20 PM  
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alfredo 8:22 PM  

Last I counted there where 7 links to the article....want more facts???

Aiswarya raghav 1:59 AM  

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Herrera,  12:14 AM  

Dear Alfredito and Arnie I could count too and realize that a blog is to say whatever. I can get information as is happening in other words am talking about primary sources (those type of facts). Also Dr.Weeks it is very nice indeed to be able to blog and describe Leopoldo as "megalomaniac and prejudge his gestures when the men is desperate for justice.
I am yet to witness the megalomaniac side of a criminal that turn himself in jail.
I was once a Latin American Studies student at uncc and in many cases I witness how vulnerable the thinking can be.thank you for your comments and impartial views

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