Monday, March 28, 2016

Fidel's Letter About Obama

Fidel Castro wrote a new column about Barack Obama's visit to Cuba. You can read it as someone who is being left behind and is not particularly happy about it. He wants to remind everyone about the revolution, and the problems of past U.S. policies. We don't need the yanquis!

Advierto además que somos capaces de producir los alimentos y las riquezas materiales que necesitamos con el esfuerzo y la inteligencia de nuestro pueblo. No necesitamos que el imperio nos regale nada. Nuestros esfuerzos serán legales y pacíficos, porque es nuestro compromiso con la paz y la fraternidad de todos los seres humanos que vivimos en este planeta.

But his brother is moving forward anyway. I have to wonder whether Fidel himself would really prefer a Trump or Cruz victory. He's not comfortable with the idea of normalization, and can hardly conceive of talking about Cuba without the U.S. as a foil. If you can no longer connect the current administration in an unbroken line back to Cold War policy, then the past is just...past.


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