Friday, March 25, 2016

Losing Cuba is Hard for Maduro


Nicolás Maduro warns that President Obama is reactivating imperialism, based on hate, and calls for the people of Latin America to join together against it.


Raúl Castro does the wave with President Obama.

This is a problem for Maduro, whose rhetorical foundation always included Cuba. The message of U.S. aggression can't penetrate as well when Raúl Castro is having fun with the oppressor-in-chief.

Castro had tried to mollify Maduro by hosting him right before Obama arrived, including a visit with Fidel himself (though that generated some photos that really emphasized Fidel's age). But that must be cold comfort at a time when Maduro is facing serious problems at home. How can his anti-U.S. policy message resonate when the Castro regime is contradicting him with its actions?

A wave is worth a thousand words.


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