Tuesday, March 08, 2016

The Contras Aren't Much of a Story

I read this New York Times story on the supposed return of the Contras in Nicaragua. It's weird because in fact the thrust of the story is that the Contras aren't actually returning much, but that Nicaraguans are not happy with the corruption of the Ortega government. Boz actually wrote a post very much along the lines of what I was thinking:

Looking at President Ortega’s armed opponents makes for an interesting media story, but it’s a very, very minor piece of the political situation in Nicaragua. Ortega’s peaceful and democratic political opponents deserve more coverage than a few dozen guys running around in rural areas with rusty weapons.

Very true. In addition, the article makes the point that these self-proclaimed Contras admit they're nothing unless the U.S. funds them a la Ronald Reagan.

The contras of today, often nicknamed “the rearmed,” are a shadow of what they once were. They complain they are broke and say the reason they are not more successful is that they do not have international aid, as they did during the Reagan administration.

In other words, corruption is a real story but the Contras not so much.


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