Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Latin America Does Not Like Trump Policies

The Pew Research Center has some numbers of global views of Trump policies. The Latin American countries included are Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico. As you might guess, people in those countries strongly dislike his tariffs. They also strongly dislike his climate policies. They really hate his border wall. They dislike his immigration policy. Oh, and they all dislike his Iran policy and his North Korea policy.

The fact is that a Trump supporter and opponent can look at the same thing and come to radically different conclusions. The supporter would likely assert that the U.S. was a punching bag before, and now people are upset when the U.S. finally stands up for itself. Who cares if foreigners don't like it? The opponent, naturally, would say that Trump is destroying the image and credibility of the U.S., thus making it harder to get anything productive done.

One thing we do know is that Trump will continue on the same path with every single one of those policies. Trump supporters will see this as a president finally doing what's right against globalists. The fact that the foreigners dislike his policies means he's doing the right thing.


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