Friday, March 10, 2006

The ICC and Latin America

There's a good Op-Ed piece in the Washington Post about U.S. policy regarding the International Criminal Court and how it affects Latin America. We deny certain types of aid to countries that ratify the ICC but refuse to grant waivers for U.S. citizens (i.e. to ensure they cannot be tried by the ICC for some alleged crime). The article highlights the fact that we're punishing allies, thus further damaging our already poor relations with much of Latin America. But even more interesting is that the Defense Department is openly saying the policy is bad and should be changed.

Since the policy is intended largely to help the Pentagon--because U.S. soldiers are deemed most likely to be potentially arrested--then it is all the more absurd that anyone would support it after the Pentagon said quite clearly that the policy is counterproductive.


Brian 4:26 PM

Here is an article from the NY Times with remarks made by Condoleeza Rice while in Chile

Greg Weeks 1:25 PM  

I like the fact that she actually didn't seem to mind when Evo Morales presented her with a Bolivian musical instrument decorated with coca leaves. Apparently the Chileans always kept her far away from Hugo Chávez, though.

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