Monday, November 30, 2015

Takis Fuego vs. Nitro

My 13 year old son Ben got into the Mexican snacks Takis, which are spiced rolled tortilla chips. He and I did a taste test of Takis Fuego and Takis Nitro, eating two and then writing, drinking water in between to cleanse the palate.


Takis Fuego

Starts out zesty (“hot chili”) then you taste the lime just afterwards. Then it starts settling into your throat and it’s hot. The hot and lime go very well together, and the heat goes away slowly. The lime is prominent. Tasty but you need to like the heat to eat a lot of them at once.

Takis Nitro

This is supposedly habanero, but the heat is much lower and there is less lime, just a small tang. The heat disappears very quickly, so it is not nearly as hot at the Fuego. I could keep popping these into my mouth for a long time. Definitely not as hot.


This is a test between two different Takis snacks by the Mexican snack company Barcel. The Takis Fuego (Hot Chili Pepper and Lime) and the Takis Nitro (Habanero and Lime).

Takis Fuego (rated Extreme spice). These ones are tasty in the beginning, very very tasty. But once it gets down your throat it has this really spicy hot afterburn in your throat and on your tongue. It is quite spicy but you don’t notice it until you swallow. The afterburn would kind of last for a bit after you swallow the Takis.

Takis Nitro (rated Very High Spice) these ones are, like the Fuego ones tasty and like chips in the beginning. Unlike the Fuego ones there is little to absolutely no afterburn at the end. But it has some fairly small kicks on your tongue but it is definitely not as crazy as the Fuego ones (this kind of interested me because the Habanero is an extremely spicy pepper).

To keep the thing fair after swallowing both Takis we drank water to cleanse our palate of anything remaining, to not interfere with the other ones. We ate two Takis at the same time, not chewing slowly but not choking them down or chewing really fast.

In the end the Takis Fuego really are much more spicy than the Takis Nitro. I guess the spice ratings on the front of the bags are quite accurate. 


JRBeam 7:15 PM  

Your thoughts are spot on. I thought nitro would be hotter. I won't stray from fuego again.

Unknown 3:09 PM  

fuego forever!

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