Monday, November 16, 2015

Roadblock to Approving Roberta Jacobson

I wrote about how Roberta Jacobson's nomination as Ambassador to Mexico is being held up by Bob Menendez and Marco Rubio because of Cuba. Now there seems to be only one roadblock left:

Cornyn said he hasn’t spoken yet to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell about how the chamber’s top leader plans to handle the proceedings, but said he will ask him to hold a vote soon. 
He said he hopes an agreement can be reached with all senators that will allow a vote on her nomination while also allowing senators opposed to her role in the Cuba policy or the policy itself a chance to say so. 
“There could  be some sort of set period for debate and then a vote that would allow senators to express themselves and put on the record how they feel about the Cuba policy. But my point is that his relationship is so important to the U.S. and especially to Texas that we simply need to fill that position. And this is the nomination that has been voted out of committee.”

Put differently, Marco Rubio needs time to make a speech. He is running for president and does not want to quickly nominate her without some cameras on him while he criticizes the Obama administration's opening toward Cuba.

The good news it that she'll be approved. So let candidate Rubio bloviate about Cuba and let's get on with it.


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