Friday, November 06, 2015

North Carolina Trade With Cuba

The North Carolina Farm Bureau is working hard to trade more with Cuba, and recently visited there. NC now exports poultry (which makes sense) and apples (which surprised me because it's not a typical NC product). This is yet another example of the countless visits made by officials of Republican-dominated states to expand trade.

I was confused, however, by the quote from Senator Richard Burr:

"We don’t change our policies just because they don’t work. We change them because there has been a change in our policy," Republican U.S. Sen. Richard Burr said.

I've now read that quote ten times and I still don't understand it.


Alfredo 10:36 AM  

Sounds like Donald Rumsfeld land.......

Greg Weeks 8:09 PM  

There are known knowns...

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