Thursday, November 19, 2015

Syrians Detained in Honduras

As has been widely reported, five Syrians were detained by Honduran authorities as they sought to get to the U.S. with fake Greek passports. Already members of Congress are using it as an example of why we should block Syrian refugees. I find this predictable but unwarranted.

First, this demonstrates how well the current system works. Even Honduras, which has a weak state, contributes.

Second, arriving with fake passports of another country is extremely hard. These people did not even speak Greek.

Third, if you use a Syrian passport there is going to be intense scrutiny. So stolen Syrian passports are not a particularly good option. Presumably the scrutiny of the Syrian refugee process was another reason they didn't try to use it.

Fourth, trafficking in fake passports--even for nefarious purposes--is not new. The U.S. has been dealing with this effectively for many years, which means we don't need to "pause." We already know it works, and officials are constantly updating technology, screening, etc.

I am also now waiting for the chorus of how Middle Eastern terrorists are storming through Latin America on their way to the United States.


Alfredo 5:29 PM  

Lots of knuckleheads out there.....

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