Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ortega and the U.S. media

The Associated Press has an article today with a garish headline about Daniel Ortega's embrace of leftists. Its first paragraph claims he will "reject Republicans." However, when you read more closely, you see the following:

--he pledges to work with the U.S.
--he says specifically that no land will be seized and that the country needs private investment
--he wants to build on the Central American Free Trade Agreement

The article then quotes a businessman:

"My fears aren't really about Ortega," said Berry, general manager and part owner of the Pelican Eyes resort in San Juan del Sur who holds both American and Nicaraguan citizenship. "He's among a group of wealthy men who want to protect their investments."

Corruption is a much greater problem than supposed "leftism." At the very least, let's wait and see what policies he pursues.


Anonymous,  2:20 PM  

The AP has been doing a very poor job in their reporting of Venezuela, but at least they are consistant in their poor job. In my opinion Reuters and UPI tend to be better.

Greg Weeks 2:24 PM  

That's interesting--I hadn't really paid much attention to the differing ways in which they covered the region. I do think I've made fun of AP quite a bit.

MSS 12:18 AM  

What, nothing today about Bud Black and Josh Barfield?

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