Sunday, December 23, 2007

Another record drug seizure

Last month I wrote about the use of “record” with regard to fighting drug trafficking. Everything is a “record” to show how well the drug war is progressing. Now the news is that with the help of the U.S. Coast Guard, Costa Rica reports a biggest pot bust in the country's history. For reasons not clear to me, they explain it was enough “to roll 17,600 joints.” Since when did we start measuring marijuana busts in terms of potential rolled joints?


Boli-Nica 12:59 PM  

4.85 tons of the drug found in an abandoned boat......the marijuana - enough to roll 17,600 joints, police said

lol..quick Google....if 1 ton = 32 000 ounces 4.5 tons would be 144,000 ounces..if you rolled 17,600 joints each joint would be 8.8 ounces...or half a pound per joint...

-Cheech Marin in Cheech & Chongs Next Movie..

Bosque 1:53 PM  

Maybe they refer to joints by Jamaican standards?

Greg Weeks 2:41 PM  

These made me laugh out loud, esp. the Cheech & Chong reference. It makes me wonder whether the U.S. government will start measuring cocaine busts by Tony Montana standards.

Bosque 9:01 PM  


Anonymous,  12:45 PM  

WHoever wrote that piece was stoned and thinking: how many spliffs could I make with all that?

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