Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Cuban election

According to Granma, in Sunday’s Cuban election 96% of registered voters cast a ballot, while 3.73% were left blank and 1.01% were annulled in some manner. Further, 91% went for the “united vote” where voters just approve all of them. This provides “undeniable proof of the cohesion of the Cuban people and of their confidence in the Revolution.”

So from my question of a few days ago about what percentage Fidel would get: Fidel and Raúl (along with 612 other unopposed candidates) were elected to the legislature with at least 91% but no more than 95.26%. I don’t know if we’ll be given anything more specific than that. And, of course, we have no idea whether the numbers are completely fabricated.

The most prominent rumor is that Fidel will be offered the position of president, but then can gracefully decline, and perhaps would be given some sort of emeritus position. However, the Cuban state runs a tight ship so predictions are often wrong.


Anonymous,  9:47 AM  

Democracy in action

Paul 10:08 AM  

"And, of course, we have no idea whether the numbers are completely fabricated."

The info came out of Granma, so yes we do.

boz 12:03 PM  

Well, my prediction of below 90% was wrong. It's so hard to predict what random number a dictatorship will push out.

Anonymous,  2:50 PM  

I said 95% ;)

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