Friday, March 07, 2008

Uribe and a third term

Thanks to Adam Isacson for a reminder (and link to a timeline) about Alvaro Uribe’s comments last November, when he said that—like most leaders who want to stay in power—that he didn’t want to stay in power. But he would if there was some sort of catastrophe and his coalition couldn’t unite around another candidate. So hop on the bandwagon for yet another constitutional amendment for yet another presidential term.

Just anecdotally, yesterday I ran into a former student of mine at the gym—he’s a Colombian-American whose family is very anti-FARC (a cousin in the military was killed by the FARC) but still wary of Uribe changing the constitution to remain in power. A poll from last year had 53.7% favoring a third term (compared to about 80% approval rating). Of course the current crisis may increase that, but there are still many Colombians who agree with many of Uribe’s policies but don’t want him to keep changing the constitution for his own benefit.


Miguel Centellas 9:40 AM  

In a country of millions (or tens or hundreds of millions) I can't ever imagine a crisis so horrible that only one person can solve it.

Tambopaxi 10:53 AM  

Me either.

I happen to think Uribe's done a good job, not perfect but good, and yes, we must acknowledge that he should be doing much, much more in defending labor leaders, human rights workers, etc.

Uribe's more popular than ever right now, but still and all, I don't think any of these countries down here need any leader for more than eight years, tops.

Miguel's right: In a country of 43-44 million, there are surely lots of good folks who can fill the bill (except for Horacio Serpa! This guy is very shady dude who shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the Casa Narino).

Paul 12:20 PM  

Yeah, I have to agree with that. As much as I admire Uribe, a third term just doesn't look right.

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