Monday, February 16, 2009

Chávez wins handily

Hugo Chávez won the referendum to amend the constitution, 54-46%. Despite being someone who is constantly criticized as dictatorial, Chávez is uniquely hyperactive in his pursuit of elections. Along those lines, Shannon O'Neil has a good discussion about how, precisely because Chávez seeks affirmation via elections, the economy will be his most pressing challenge to ensure re-election in 2012. This vote obviously gives him a boost, but he'll have to be creative to keep everything going in the face of dropping oil prices.

However, to that I would add that the opposition deserves more analytical scrutiny, given that Chávez has been in power a decade but it remains fragmented and incoherent. This time around, it seemed mostly to find some students and try to make them seem different from the remnants of the old broken party system. For 2012 (or for the 2010 legislative elections) it is not just a matter of Chávez and his policies, but also whether the opposition can convince anyone that it is a better alternative.


Defensores de Democracia 8:50 AM  

This is very sad and even shameful for all Latin Americans or Latinos in the USA.

This guy has bought the Population with gifts from his big coffers.

Many Services and Products in Venezuela are extremely cheap, below cost, for example electricity, cooking gas, gasoline, tires, combustibles, lubricants, telephones, metro fares, buses, and many "basket" products for the daily eating.

All these subsidies are easy to keep when you are getting many billions of dollars from high oil prices. And his friends and partisans steal money like madmen.

Many of those guys in red shirts are just an ignorant that receive "free lunches" ... and that is what the Venezuelan Economy is :

A "free lunch" economy, a "Santa Claus" economy. There are thousands of state loans to useless people that never repay, and thousands of little projects that fail. And 10 Marshall Plans are squandered in this demgoguery, and a populace that is not entrepreneurial.

Because almost everything that Venezuela exports is state owned, like oil, aluminium, steel, oil derivatives, etc ...

That is a dangerous economy.

But add the Moral and Ethical aspect of Chavez : a guy that has supported murderous guerrillas, that is backing and helping Big Genocide and Murder against thousands of Children, Women and the Old : land mines, bombs in supermarkets or commercial areas.

And a Madman preaching hate against decent nations and burning incense to the Dictator of Cuba.

Vicente Duque

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