Friday, February 19, 2010

More on immigration and crime

via Slate: Ron Unz just published a lengthy analysis about the myth of immigrant crime, specifically Hispanic, in American Conservative.  Unz is part of the pro-immigrant wing of the Republican Party.

The evidence presented here powerfully refutes the widespread popular belief that America’s Hispanics have high crime rates. Instead, their criminality seems to fall near the center of the white national distribution, being somewhat higher than white New Englanders but somewhat lower than white Southerners. Taken as a whole, the mass of statistical evidence constitutes strong support for the “null hypothesis,” namely that Hispanics have approximately the same crime rates as whites of the same age.

This confirms what academic studies have already been arguing.  Will this penetrate through to the base of the party?  Probably not, but Republican leaders are licking their lips for the 2010 midterm elections.

Regardless, we are all better off when myths are debunked, especially when those myths lead directly to discrimination and fear.


Defensores de Democracia 12:51 PM  

Mr Weeks :

I have read carefully the article in the "American Conservative Magazine" that you linked and found it excellent.

Very statistical, numeric, informed and with good color charts. Good for Science, rather than prejudice.

This proves that there are Intelligent Conservatives.

Seriously, if America is going to be an example of Good Government for Latin America then the Great Nation of the North can not follow the Demagogues that are mentioned by the "American Conservative".

I hope that Reason, Humanity and Kindness prevail over the opposite Attitudes and Emotions.

And for a Good and Progressive Republican Party. Ronald Reagan was a gentleman and he was pragmatic, very different to the other guys mentioned in the "American Conservative"

Thanks again. Good for my studies.

Vicente Duque

Randy Paul 10:57 PM  

Kudos to Unz for this. Apparently he used to live in my community, Jackson Heights. My section is largely hispanic and it's arguably the safest community I've live in here in NYC.

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