Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Colombian refugees

For the first time, Colombia and Ecuador will hold meetings to discuss their serious refugee problem.  This is very good news, and the issue in general deserves far more media coverage.  Four thoughts:

First, this is one of numerous gestures President Santos has made to neighboring countries.  The change from Alvaro Uribe is palpable.  The relationship between Ecuador and Colombia has already improved considerably.

Second, and following that, it is really terrible that it took this long.  Over 50,000 Colombians have fled into Ecuador and become refugees, and tens of thousands more without legal status, while the Uribe administration essentially tried to sweep it under the rug.  Ecuador expects another 15,000 this year.

Third, the fight against the FARC cannot be considered successful when such flows of refugees continue.  It just means the conflict is spreading out.

Fourth, although Santos insists that conflict with the FARC is a domestic issue, this is one of many examples of how that is inaccurate.


Defensores de Democracia 9:45 AM  

Colombia : The Most Important and Prestigious Guerrilla Fighter is killed by airplanes and ground troops - This is the most important kill against FARC Criminals and changes situation in Latin America

A Military Success against FARC and Chavism ( of Hugo Chavez )

"Mono Jojoy", "The Monkey Jojoy" ( an alias ) was the most prestigious guerrilla combatant in Colombia and Latin America.

This shows the beginning of the end for the FARC Colombian Guerrillas.

Now, Youngsters in Latin America can not believe in Guerrilla Violence to grab power.

This is like the second killing of "Che Guevara" .... and a terrible blow against violence and taking power by violent means.

The Youth in Colombia and Latin America is going to realize that only legal means and democracy can be the future of Latin America.

Now, the fight should be directed against brutal dictators like Hugo Chavez that is ruining Venezuela and that has been a supporter, adherent and backup of the FARC Colombian Guerrillas.

The Future of Foreign Policies :


Vicente Duque

Defensores de Democracia 9:56 AM  

"Mono Jojoy" was the symbol of the Guerrilla Macho that is always successful in combat.

He was a myth like Che Guevara, Pancho Villa or Emiliano Zapata.

He was the most brutal and inhuman kidnapper and jailer in the worst conditions for victims.

He was indicted ( "in absentia" ) of the most heinous crimes.

A Very Bad Day for Hugo Chavez.

Vicente Duque

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