Friday, September 03, 2010

More from my member of Congress

My member of Congress is at it again, this time with an op-ed in the Washington Times.  She says that an indictment handed down by the Southern District Court of New York may show a connection between Hezbollah and the FARC.  Or sort of.

The first problem is that I cannot find a record or text of this indictment anywhere, not even at the court's website.  I can't imagine the Congresswoman is making it up, but for now we have only her version of the indictment.  That version is riddled with passive tense ("it was reported"  By whom?) and innuendo.  For example, a car bomb went off in Ciudad Juárez.  Hezbollah uses car bombs.  Ergo, Hezbollah is training Mexicans.

Is is possible that international terrorist organizations coordinate?  Obviously yes, but  I do wish the Congresswoman would wait until she had more concrete facts before trying to get everyone riled up.

h/t boz from a previous post about my member of Congress.


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