Thursday, October 07, 2010

Police rebels=stupid?

Rafael Correa had mentioned that some people meant to kill him.  There are recordings that apparently bear that out, but if they are accurate they also suggest that the rebellion leaders were not especially smart.  For example:

"They should kill Correa so this will end," an unidentified man said on the recording. "Kill Correa and this demonstration will end."

Oh really?  It is hard to imagine a presidential assassination ending the demonstration (which was really more like a mob anyway) or ending much of anything except his life.  Correa actually argues the opposite, that the goal was to kill him, and thus create more chaos that would provide an excuse for a coup.

And also:

Another man on the recording indicates that police wanted Correa to sign a decree guaranteeing unspecified benefits, but which likely refers to the austerity measures.
"The gentleman who is supposedly president will not leave without signing the attributions that correspond to the national police," the man says. "That gentleman has to assure our complete amnesty."
Yet another man threatens Correa, calling him a vulgar name.
"Don't let that [expletive] leave," the man says. "First, he has to sign and then he can leave. If not, that [expletive] leaves dead."

Did they really think Correa would sign things on their behalf under threat of overthrow and/or death?

Of course, we don't know exactly who the speakers are, but if they reflect the views of the police who rebelled, then it doesn't say much about the intelligence of the plotters.


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