Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Piñera's crash

This, my friends, is a serious crash.  Sebastián Piñera's approval is down to 22 percent.  From CERC:

Try to think of the most corrupt, reviled, and/or crazed presidents that you can.  They were likely still more popular than Piñera.  If you get any lower, than you are in Abdalá Bucaram territory (who dropped to 5 percent before being labeled as mentally unfit to rule).  That's like the Mendoza Line in baseball.


Chad Black 11:00 AM  

And yet, amazingly, every years there are calls for Bucaram's return.

Didn't Bush bottom his approval rating at 20%, with Cheney at just 13%? They would, of course, count as reviled, corrupt, and crazed.

Mandramas 9:13 AM  

Also, Cristina Fernandez also was at 22% at the peak of the 2008 conflict.

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