Monday, January 02, 2012

Romney: Stop Dreaming

Mitt Romney is using anti-immigrant rhetoric to compensate for other problems he has with conservative primary voters. Not only does he not support the DREAM Act, but now he hates it so much he would veto it.

“If I were elected and Congress were to pass the DREAM Act, would I veto it?” Romney said, repeating the question a voter asked him at a campaign stop in Le Mars. “The answer is yes.”

Expect this to come back if Romney becomes the candidate. A majority of Americans support it, so it will be easy for Barack Obama to frame Romney as heartless, as Rick Perry has already done. This won't necessarily change the minds of many voters, but could be part of a general negative image that turns off moderate voters.


Defensores de Democracia 12:52 PM  

Mr Weeks :

You wrote :

"Mitt Romney is using anti-immigrant rhetoric to compensate for other problems he has with conservative primary voters"...

Yes, Yes, Yes.

The Republican Establishment has not realized how an easy target Mitt Romney is....

The Liberal Establishment and the Rich and Wealthy People of the United States knew very well in 1960 that the Kennedys were Womanizers, dedicated to the Good Life that money can make easy.

John F. Kennedy has already been established as a Great Playboy, even with a beautiful Nordic Blonde informed as a German Spy to the FBI and not so friendly Edgar Hoover.( antebellum events ).

Joseph Kennedy wasn't a saint and you see that in the Wonderful movies about the Kennedys, the Pack Rats or Rat Pack, etc ...

The situation with Mitt Romney is entirely different and I do not say any more for fear of corrupting your excellent, serious and academic blog with my venom and excellent partisan poison of a viper against Romney.

Have a Nice Year 2012 and continue entertaining and informing us with your blog that is a pleasure to read.


Defensores de Democracia 1:39 PM  

Very Bad News for GOP in HuffPost : "It was Independents who participated in the Democratic caucuses four years ago that enabled turnout in this year's Iowa Republican caucuses to keep pace with the 2008 levels.

"These Independents preferred spending their evening participating in an actual election contest rather than in a party organizing meeting"

This is an Article in the Huffington Post by Michael P. McDonald and this is my comment :

Some polls are detecting a lack of enthusiasm in Republicans. Some Independents and Democrats are going to the Republican Caucuses and increase the turnout. The Big Tea Party Fervor of 2010 is nowhere to be seen.

This is my intuition : If Obama gets the votes of these Independentes and Democrats that go to Republican Caucuses then the GOP loses the November Presidential Election for lack of fervor and enthusiasm.

Huffington Post
The Tea Party Fever Has Broken
By Michael P. McDonald
Associate Professor, George Mason University
Januar 4, 2012

Some excerpts :

A pre-caucus PPP poll indicated that 15% of prospective Republican caucusgoers reported participating in the Democratic caucus in 2008. With 236,000 people voting in the Democratic caucus, that means the Republican caucus were inundated with 35,400 more participants that were active on the Democratic side four years ago.

The media entrance polls further support that some people who participated in the Democratic caucuses in 2008 participated in the Republican caucuses in 2012 -- although the pollsters did not directly ask this question. In 2008, only 13% of polled caucusgoers reported being an independent. In 2012, this percentage of independents increased to 23%. (These folks predominantly supported Ron Paul, followed by Mitt Romney.) Without these crossover Independents, turnout in the Iowa Republican caucuses would have declined. And without them, Romney would not have won his squeaker victory.

Politicians running for office this November should take notice. The extraordinary Tea Party enthusiasm that buoyed Republican candidates in 2010 is unlikely to repeat itself. And on top of weakening Tea Party enthusiasm, we are assured that November turnout will be higher for pro-Democratic groups, such as young people.

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